Building inclusive and participatory democratic spaces in Europe

There are silenced voices in democratic spaces as millions of people struggle with language barriers, and are excluded from key deliberative processes. In the European Union (EU) alone, around 6 million individuals, and globally over 90 million, have difficulties to read, write, and comprehend language, which restricts their full participation in democracy. In this context, the EU-funded iDEM project aims to break these linguistic barriers and begin a new era of inclusive and participatory democratic spaces for marginalised communities. Specifically, the project will create next-generation multilingual models, automatically adapting texts to the needs of the people, and provide Artificial Intelligence tools for unbiased communication.

Promoting inclusivity and representation

The iDEM project, started in January 2024 and will run for three years, will work with a dual purpose: First, inclusive tools will be designed to facilitate the reading and understanding of public documents, and second, other tools to help marginalized communities their own messages and convey their points of view and opinions.

iDEM project will provide...

Analysis of language complexity barriers in participatory democratic spaces, to identify users' needs and the reasons behind their difficulties in understanding information on public matters.

Artificial Intelligence tools that simplify and make information more understandable to participate in democratic debates, these tools are aimed at people with communication difficulties or intellectual disabilities.

Develop and implement three use cases concerned with different languages, and its deliberative approach, engaging hard to reach groups and vulnerable populations, whilst considering a gender perspective.

Solutions to enhance participation

The tools will be available in four languages: Catalan, Spanish, Italian and English.

Free and open-source.

Comprehensive, accesible and user-centered approach.

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